Re: Open House

    I like to show a quick power point slide show of "a day in
    the life. . .". Take pictures of the kids from the moment
    they step off the bus until dismissal and show the
    parents what they do all day. It really gives the parents a
    glimpse into their child's school life.

    On 7/17/14, Vet Teacher wrote:
    > On 7/15/14, Amy T... wrote:
    >> I am not sure what to do during open house.
    >> I need some ideas Please Help !!
    > Howong do you have with them?
    > Tell them what you teach - what skills you want the
    kids to
    > learn in K, tell them how you teach and then tell them
    > What you teach is mandated but your manner in the
    > classroom is not. What kind of a classroom
    environment do
    > you foster? Rigid ? Warm?
    > Then point out a project hanging on the wall and tell
    > about it. Parents love stories and they love to see their
    > kids' art. End it with - that project gives you an idea -
    > slice- of a day in K and we have 186 days just like
    > I love teaching Kindergarten - I love teaching your
    > Thank you do much for coming to Kindergarten