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Hello everyone!

I am just hoping for some valuable feedback on this writing. This is my view and after some frustration getting the better of me I sat down and wrote it. please please feedback, thanks heaps!

My View:

Have you ever had to join in sport that you really don’t enjoy? Has someone ever told you a long story about someone you don't even know and haven't met? Hate maths and your teacher has sat everyone down and handed out papers on a mathematical theory that you just don't get? Can you honestly tell me that you can remember what happened and what was said in each of those situations and can apply them to your life right now? As adults we choose to involve ourselves in things we have an interest for, so how can we expect children to do differently, how?

In our early childhood sector why do we have assessments that are viewed as being a tool to determine the readiness of a child to attend school?

For anyone that has had more than ...See More

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