My View

    Hello everyone!

    I am just hoping for some valuable feedback on this
    writing. This is my view and after some frustration getting
    the better of me I sat down and wrote it. please please
    feedback, thanks heaps!

    My View:

    Have you ever had to join in sport that you really don't
    enjoy? Has someone ever told you a long story about someone
    you don't even know and haven't met? Hate maths and your
    teacher has sat everyone down and handed out papers on a
    mathematical theory that you just don't get? Can you
    honestly tell me that you can remember what happened and
    what was said in each of those situations and can apply
    them to your life right now? As adults we choose to involve
    ourselves in things we have an interest for, so how can we
    expect children to do differently, how?

    In our early childhood sector why do we have assessments
    that are viewed as being a tool to determine the readiness
    of a child to attend school?

    For anyone that has had more than one child I can almost
    guarantee that each of your children did not begin to
    crawl, walk or talk at exactly the same age. Each child is
    an individual at their own stage. I believe they have that
    right. They have the right to not be judged by their
    academic ability, but treasured for their strengths and
    personality. If you were to wake up tomorrow unable to talk
    would you like everyone to make your personal decisions for
    you without consulting you and just assume you didn't have
    the mentality? Decision making isn't always easy and is
    sometimes long but as a parent you know your child best
    right? Wrong.

    I don't think there is one of us who hasn't picked up a
    baby from behind without first asking if they wanted to be
    picked up, wiped a child's nose or face without asking or
    have kept trying to get a child to have one more mouthful
    of food and finish what is on their plate when they are
    spitting it out or turning away. If the roles were
    reversed, how would you feel? It is black and white, not
    grey. A child from an extremely young age without verbal
    communication has the capability to decide exactly what
    they want. So why do we decide what they need to know
    before they start school, during school and after school.
    It is society who is making the rule.

    If your young son came home from school and wanted to
    start ballet because he has a growing interest and passion
    in the dance, would let him? Or would you sweep it in under
    the rug in the hope that it goes away because the majority
    of society says it isn't okay. We are placing societies
    views on our future, our children are an asset so why are
    we telling them to be themselves but restricting them to
    tick all the boxes from the textbooks on the shelves. We
    want our children to have the strength to stand up for what
    they believe in, but are we showing it?

    At four years of age before they even start school they are
    being assessed on their ability to comprehend literacy and
    numeracy and write their name, are we the fool? How can a
    child be filled with the strength to stand up for what they
    believe and be an individual when they are constantly being
    compared to other children and being 'wrong' or have 'not
    yet achieved' because they don't meet the requirement,
    well, it is time for that way to meet retirement. Each and
    every one of our children should be filled with confidence,
    self-esteem, passion, patience and curiosity to further
    their own learning through their interests and
    determination when facing confrontation in any situation
    where they can then have the motivation to stand up strong
    for what they believe and have the affirmation that there
    are people who will always support their belief.

    So is an assessment before school the way to give our
    children the confidence to stand up for what they believe
    in? Is it even going to matter once they are at school and
    begin? Well the jury is still out on that case, but I know
    what I believe and that is our children, our treasures, our
    future should be given the skills to further their
    knowledge and have the opportunity to learn in a natural
    way through their interests at their own pace, without
    feeling out of place or as though they are a disgrace
    because, learning is not a race.

    At the end of the day, a child who had determination and a
    passion, who can stand up against others for something they
    believe in is going to be of greater value to provide
    change to our country than a child who can write their name
    at four years old and learns everything from a textbook but
    doesn't have the capability to think outside of the box,
    because I sure hope that's heading out of fashion.
    Providing a child with these life skills and opportunity to
    expand on them and through something that is of value to
    them is the way and our children are the ones who will
    bring change at the end of the day.