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Hello teachers

I am a mother of two and my oldest started kindergarten last week. Her pre-k teacher told me about this book set a few months ago that I absolutely HAVE to get for my daughter! Unfortunately she is now on maternity leave and I can't reach her. I obviously am kicking myself now for not having searched for the when she first mentioned them. I will attempt to describe them as I was told. PLEASE help if you can identify them...

To my best summation I'd call them phonics books. There is one about "ph" and "f" and one about "ow" and one about silent "k". The letters as it was described to me are characters in the books. For example in the "ph" and "f" book, the f argues with ph that it's a fraud kind of thing. Like the ph is impersonating the f.

If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know the name of the series and/or author. My daughter and I would be ever so grateful! Thank you!

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