Re: CA. TK-K classroom organization/no aide

    Wow! I can't even imagine having that many kids, 2 different
    age groups and especially 20 boys! We don't have mixed age
    groups in my area. You have to be 4 to be in PreK and you
    must be at least 5 to start Kindergarten. The 2 age groups
    are so different and have such different needs, so I applaud
    you for taking on such a task. All I can say is do your
    best. You are only 1 person. If I were you, I would invite
    some parent volunteers in to help you. Normally I don't use
    volunteers because I find it easier to just do things myself,
    but in your case you are going to need help. Also, having
    parents in the room will let them see exactly what you have
    to deal with and maybe they will be vocal about you situation
    with your administration and school board. I hope things get
    better for you.

    On 8/23/14, K. Fair wrote:
    > I have 27 students (7 girls, 20 boys... and about half of
    > them are still 4). It is a TK-K class in which the State of
    > California expects curriculum to be different for these two
    > age groups. I guess I am just looking for some
    > encouragement. We have been in school 5 days and have
    > been working on structure and routines. I want to start
    > teaching, but am finding it difficult with boys who blow on
    > each other, kick, hit, whine, are defiant, and have very
    > attention spans.
    > Anyone else out there with this battle?