Re: CA. TK-K classroom organization/no aide

    That is too many children in a K class without an aide. In VA,
    it would not be legal. A class with over 25 gets an aide (of
    course, sometimes they work around this and make 2 teachers
    share an aide half day). My number 1 advice to you is to
    provide space between the non-compliant students. They often
    feed on each others behavior. At the tables, on the carpet, and
    in line put well-behaved students between your non-compliant
    ones. That gives you a better chance of not having to stomp out
    fires all day and do some real teaching (better chance for them
    to learn, also!).

    On 8/24/14, AmyVictoria wrote:
    > Wow! I can't even imagine having that many kids, 2 different
    > age groups and especially 20 boys! We don't have mixed age
    > groups in my area. You have to be 4 to be in PreK and you
    > must be at least 5 to start Kindergarten. The 2 age groups
    > are so different and have such different needs, so I applaud
    > you for taking on such a task. All I can say is do your
    > best. You are only 1 person. If I were you, I would invite
    > some parent volunteers in to help you. Normally I don't use
    > volunteers because I find it easier to just do things myself,
    > but in your case you are going to need help. Also, having
    > parents in the room will let them see exactly what you have
    > to deal with and maybe they will be vocal about you situation
    > with your administration and school board. I hope things get
    > better for you.
    > On 8/23/14, K. Fair wrote:
    >> I have 27 students (7 girls, 20 boys... and about half of
    >> them are still 4). It is a TK-K class in which the State of
    >> California expects curriculum to be different for these two
    >> age groups. I guess I am just looking for some
    >> encouragement. We have been in school 5 days and have
    >> been working on structure and routines. I want to start
    >> teaching, but am finding it difficult with boys who blow on
    >> each other, kick, hit, whine, are defiant, and have very
    > short
    >> attention spans.
    >> Anyone else out there with this battle?