Re: Letters: I have to say that Linda's re

    On 9/05/14, mhope wrote:
    > On 9/05/14, Linda Andrews wrote:
    >> When are students in your school expected to know all
    >> letter names? Sounds?
    > There is such a large variation between student knowledge
    > at the entrance of kindergarten it can seem very daunting.
    > Though many student will enter Kindergarten knowing
    many if
    > not all of their letter, we usually see about only a few of
    > those know the sounds; and another quarter of our
    > don't know the difference between letters or numbers and
    > can't even identify a single letter in their name! More
    > than half of the students I have, usually know the letters
    > and most of their sounds by Christmas. However, we only
    > focus on one letter a week between Sept. and Dec. 20th!
    > (many letters with be picked up throuh exposure) I usually
    > still have about a quarter of my class that only knows
    > about 15 letters by Christmas. For those it is a big push
    > to cement in letter knowledge by the end of February. And
    > that is when you can make a more definative judgemnet of
    > which few students may need to repeat kindergarten. For
    > some it is just too early but,....I've seen "almost
    > miracles" occur within a couple of months. As for when are
    > students expected to know ALL letter names and sounds:
    > before May would be good! However, students are still
    > learning to read long before they have completely mastered
    > all names and sounds. In fact I've come across several
    > cases where children know all letter sounds and have no
    > clue of letter names...they can read beautifully! As of
    > this week we have covered 5 color words, 4 high frequency
    > words, only one letter "Mm" in our reading lessons. Know
    > that children blossom in their own time, and for most it
    > will happen by Spring.