Re: Partnering with a 3rd grade classroom
    jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006

    On 9/12/14, kteacher wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I was interested in having my kindergarten class partner with a
    > 3rd grade class in our building. Have any of you ever done this
    > and if so would you be will ing to share some things you had
    > the kids do together???
    > Thanks so much.
    I have had third grade buddies for several years's
    what we do every year--very little planning for either teacher
    yet a valid, quality product......

    First time we get together I make a Bingo game from all the
    student names and the 3rd grade teacher, plus my assistant---this
    year a 3rd grade student asked if our Principal was on it and I
    think I might add her year. They LOVE playing this and
    we will play it again at the end of the year when kindergartners
    won't need so much help with the names. After that, we have a
    poem called "Follow Your Heart Little One" written by a retired
    teacher from our school that lends itself well to having students
    illustrate each line. There are just enough lines (sometimes due
    to schedule changes we have to double up a couple of lines but
    there are some short ones that are easy to do that with) to last
    most of the year with us writing down the line and then
    illustrating it. We bind them together with either a plastic
    spiral binding or Raffi, ribbon, etc., and each child has a
    poetry book to take home at year's end. It's fun to have some
    3rd graders in my buddie class who were also in my kkinder class
    and now get to make another book---they have never complained!

    We just use white construction paper for each page and they use
    one day to make a cover at the end, then a blank page for the

    We also go on a field trip to the beach with our buddies at the
    end of the year. Beach Ranger comes and leads us around to look
    at sea creatures.

    Simple, but delightful..