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Just wondering how your schools deal with teachers getting hit/kicked by students. I have a student ADHD who is super impulsive and hits and kicks his para. It probably happens 2-4x per week.

How is this handled in your schools?
At my school At my school he would get a referral (physical contact with intent to hurt) . All referrals are handled by admin. and the 1st = talk with admin & phone call home. 2nd=phone call and 1/2 day ISS and it keeps escalating from there. At my school sped kids are held accountable for their behavior, including the ED kids.

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Oct 4, 2014
AT my schooll By the fact that you posted this question, I'm guessing that your school is doing little or nothing. I'm at a Title ! school with a ED program and pretty much a "no nonsense" behavior policy that is enforced. My principal isn't afraid that his "numbers" will look bad and has our back. It makes a world of difference.

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Oct 4, 2014
AmyVictoria The consequences for this type of behaviors are very inconsistent in my school. Anything from suspension to just a firm talking to.

About 10 years ago a SED child (that was totally off the wall) kicked me as I was trying to get him in the building from recess (he was having a melt down because he wasn't following recess rules and therefor...See More
Oct 4, 2014

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