Re: Kids kicking teachers

    The consequences for this type of behaviors are very
    inconsistent in my school. Anything from suspension to just a
    firm talking to.

    About 10 years ago a SED child (that was totally off the
    wall) kicked me as I was trying to get him in the building
    from recess (he was having a melt down because he wasn't
    following recess rules and therefore, was being made to sit
    out recess). Anyways, the principal (who was new) didn't
    want to deal with it because the student had an IEP.
    Thankfully, the guidance counselor (who was also kicked on
    many occasions by this child)told the principal that if he
    didn't deal with it appropriately, she would go to the union
    and file a grievance. I guess the principal was more afraid
    of the union than he was at suspending a SED/IEP child. The
    child was suspended for several days and the district FINALLY
    got the child appropriate services to deal with his SED