Re: Lots of teaching materials

    On 10/18/14, K teacher wrote:
    > I am retiring at the end of the year after teaching
    > kindergarten for over 20 years. Over the years I have spent
    > a lot of money on picture books, big books, teacher
    > resource materials, learning games and activities, etc. It is
    > now time to look to "rehome" these things. Some things I
    > would like to sell and others can be given away. Any
    > suggestions?
    > If anyone is interested, you can email me at

    Another thought: eBay. Also, offering these items to others in
    your district or nearby (to avoid the need for UPS/FedEx/USPS).

    If anyone else is in this situation, and in the Phoenix area,
    there's a store called "Treasures4Teachers" in Tempe. It takes
    donations from retiring teachers, companies that often sell
    stuff of interest to teachers, and re-sells them in their
    store. It resembles a thrift store. I was able to shop there
    without membership this past summer, because I live more than
    100 miles from it, but ordinarily they do charge locals $35 to
    become a member and be able to shop there regularly. (If I
    lived in the area, I'd join!)