Re: Rest?

    Please do not give up rest. The children need it. When children
    rest it allows everything they did in the morning to become fixed
    in their memory. They need the down time. I do very little
    assessing at rest time. I too set up independent centers and use
    this time for assessment. It takes weeks to get the centers
    running but worth it.

    On 10/19/14, Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006 wrote:
    > On 10/19/14, Flacka wrote:
    >> I teach full day K and haven't had rest time for at least the
    > past
    >> 10 years. I used to have a bit of quiet time during the first
    > few
    >> weeks of school but that, too, has been gone for years. I
    > have
    >> an assistant just during our lang. arts time and we both work
    >> with children while she is there and the rest of the class is
    >> working independently. Somehow the assessments get done
    >> even if "teaching" doesn't.
    > I teach full day K and do Quiet time for just the first two
    > months...last week was our last week. I replace with BEAR
    > time (be excited about reading)....a time we partner read. We
    > also get drinks/go to the bathroom, etc. Sometimes I pull
    > children for assessments, but rarely. I manage to do most all
    > assessments during our Daily Five time, pulling students from
    > Read to Self...