Re: What are you giving your students for Christmas?

    On 12/01/14, Katie wrote:
    > Help! Looking for ideas on a budget!
    > thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    > Katie

    My kids are each getting a Christmas book that I got free
    using my Scholastic bonus points. I also got them reindeer
    antler headbands . I got the headbands 50% off the day after
    Christmas at the Dollar Tree. They came in a 2 pack/.50
    cents. So I basically spent .25 cents/student this year!

    In past years I have given the kids a can of Playdough and a
    Christmas cookie cutter. I usually was able to find cookie
    cutters in a 6 pack at the dollar tree.

    I also often buy a classroom gift (usually a new toy).
    Although this gift is more money, it stays in the classroom
    for future classes to use. Last year I bought Tinker Toys
    and the kids LOVED them! This year I bought Zoobs.
    Hopefully they will love them too. This gift is always from