Re: best tablet for kindergarten

    On 12/08/14, ktchr wrote:
    > On 12/08/14, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    >> On 12/07/14, ktchr wrote:
    >>> I would like to buy some tablets for my
    >>> classroom but I have no idea which one to
    >>> purchase. Any advice would be greatly
    >>> appreciated.
    >> My Kinders mostly have experience with iPads,
    > which are very
    >> easy to use for both teacher and students.
    > However, I will
    >> concede that they are among the most expensive
    > tablets. You
    >> can get a lot of free apps for them. That said, I did
    > get
    >> tired of the kids getting ads popping up on them,
    > then some
    >> parents donated iTunes cards so that I could buy
    > the ad-free
    >> versions.
    >> Androids are usually a lot less expensive. Once
    > inside the
    >> games, kids have no trouble with them. Friends
    > tell me that
    >> these have the same issues with free apps, full of
    > ads, unless
    >> you buy the ad-free versions. However, I'm not
    > too familiar
    >> with the Google store.
    >> Whichever you get: GET CASES FOR THEM! My
    > school handed me 5
    >> iPads for student use and NO CASES. Since I am
    > not spending
    >> $15-25 each out of my own money, I've done two
    > things. My
    >> students are not allowed to walk around the room
    > carrying
    >> them. They carry them to one place and then sit
    > on the floor
    >> to use them -- not at tables or desks, so they
    > won't drop them
    >> 3 ft. So far, so good for 3 months. The other thing
    > I did was
    >> to take 2 pieces of velour fabric and sew them
    > together on 3
    >> sides to create a "pocket" for each of them. This
    > allows me to
    >> store them without scratches and to take them
    > home
    >> periodically for updates and charging.
    >> Donna

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer and
    words of advice. I really appreciate it!