Re: Sub Plans
    K Teacher

    On 12/12/14, SuperTeacher wrote:
    > On 12/12/14, K Teacher wrote:
    >> Do you have suggestions on where I can find prepared sub
    >> plans? I am willing to pay for them. I have checked TpT,
    >> but am open to more suggestions.
    >> Thanks!
    > I don't know about prepared subplans, but perhaps consider
    > putting together a folder with generic crafts, review
    > worksheets, and activities that can be used any time.
    > Of course when you're out, you'll want to leave plans that
    > are detailed and relevant to current curriculum topics
    > covering. But in an emergency, a folder with "any time
    > activity ideas" can be a lifesaver to a sub.
    > Good luck!
    Thank you for the ideas! I think I may do just that. :-)