Re: Discipline policy

    My classroom behavior plan is similar to Molly's. Everyone
    starts on blue every day and can move to green, yellow and
    then red. Green is still fine but not outstanding, yellow means
    slow down and think about the behavior, and red is a contact
    with parent - violation or referral. They move through the
    colors for continuing to make poor choices but go straight to
    red if they purposefully hurt someone. At the end of the day,
    everyone on blue gets a sticker and 10 stickers gets a trip to
    the treasure box. For some, it happens every 10 days and for
    others, well, it takes longer LOL.

    School wide, a child who is noticed by an adult as doing
    something good (helping another child, walking quietly, etc) is
    given a ticket. At the end of the marking period they "buy"
    prizes for the tickets. There are little trinkets and larger,
    teacher prizes (lunch with a teacher, dance party, play
    basketball in the gym, etc.). As a class, when another teacher
    notices the class doing something well such as walking quietly
    in the hall, they can give the class a paw sticker. At the end of
    the quarter, the class with the most paw stickers in each grade
    get a popcorn party.

    There are lots of positive reinforcements given individually and
    to the classes so it's definitely not a punishment-based system.

    On 1/19/15, Molly wrote:
    > We use the clip chart method. The chart is different
    > colors. Here is what the colors mean from top to bottom.
    > Blue-outstanding
    > Purple- Great Job
    > Green- Ready to Learn
    > Yellow- Slow down (warning)
    > Orange- Think about it (student completes reflection and
    > note home to parents.)
    > Red- Conduct report (office referral)
    > The students always get to start every day with their clip
    > on green and they move up and down the chart throughout
    > day. When the students get on Blue they get to have a gold
    > coin and go to the office for a prize. At the end of each
    > day, students get "punches" on a punch card for what color
    > they are on. Once they have 10 punches on their punch card
    > they get a prize from me.
    > On 1/13/15, Terryleigh wrote:
    >> We are looking to re-evaluate our Kindergarten discipline
    >> policy for next year. I am wondering if anyone would have
    >> a policy or strategies that you use with your
    > Kindergarten
    >> students. We presently do the Turn a Card program.
    >> Thanks!