Re: Behavior and mom

    On 2/22/15, maureen wrote:
    > On 2/22/15, Getting too old for this wrote:
    >> I have a student who tattles constantly. I told her that
    >> I would not listen unless she is hurt or someone else is
    >> hurt. Mom does not like this one bit. Tells me that
    >> daughter feels like I am not paying attention to her.
    >> is also one that wants to go to the nurse frequently. I
    >> won't let her unless she is feverish or about to get
    >> sick. Again mom does not like this. Mom is now going
    >> meet with the principal over all this nonsense. I know
    >> admin. will stand behind me, but how do you handle
    >> parents and these types of problems?
    > As we already know, children who tattle do this for the
    > attention. Obviously, the child has not transitioned yet
    > from getting total attention from mom and sharing the
    > teacher with the other students.
    > The way I always handled the chronic tattlers was when
    > child approached me with an obvious tattle (not that
    > someone was getting hurt type of announcement but the
    > frivolous ones I would ask "Why are you telling me this?
    > you want to get ______ in trouble? Or are you worried
    > _____ is in danger? Or Are you concerned that I didn't
    > already know that ______ was doing whatever?" If the
    > is forced to think about WHY she is tattling it tends to
    > away after several days. Often it is only that the child is
    > worried that someone isn't following the rules and she
    > wants to be sure that you are noticing that, too. Hope
    > helps with the child anyway!

    The great response above answers the tattling question.
    Now, for "always wanting to go to the nurse" I'd put the
    ball back in the mom's court. When the child says she is
    not feeling well, call the mom and tell her her daughter is
    not feeling well and she needs to come pick her up. A few
    times having the mom pick up the child when the child
    clearly is not sick should solve the problem.