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I used to be on here most every night. Now kids are raised...I have some minutes at the end of the day. Just read through a few posts. Does anyone else wonder what the heck we are doing to 5-6 year old kids. I read mostly about assessment. What in the world are we doing. Hoping your kids can still have some "choice" time?
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pktchr On 3/15/15, Donna wrote:
> On 3/14/15, pktchr wrote:
>> back to a different district in IL. A little consistency
>> would have been helpful. Being a "military brat" isn't
>> easy.
> For the record, I hope no offense was taken with the use
> of
> term "mi...See More
Mar 15, 2015
Pksped Just today, I made the comment that I am surprised each time I assess. I feel like all I do is assess; I wonder when they actually had the chance to learn something. I am an Air Force brat. I am proud of the title, but I see the stunned facial expressions every time I use the phrase with someone not accustomed to it.

On 3/15/15, pktchr w...See More
Mar 17, 2015

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