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It has been 12 years since I have taught K. I was informed that they no longer have centers or nap. Nap I understand however, centers make no sense to me (blocks, manipulates, sand, housekeeping...). Is this common in most public schools?
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Sally On 7/10/15, Lindylu wrote: > I teach in an all day public kindergarten setting. Everyday the > children have 30 the > children have 30 minutes of center time. 4 students to each > center and they rotate through all 10 centers, one per day. > House, blocks, ABC - hands on learning games, Science, > writing, computers, listening/rea...See More
Nov 1, 2015
Sally I teach all day public k. I have 25 minutes of choice time a day. We also use Lucy Calkins. I like her writing program. Initially, they wanted us to write for 60 minutes, too. We found that 30 min made more sense. At 60 min, the kids couldn't wait for writing time to be over. At 30 min, they can't wait for the next time to write.
Nov 1, 2015

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