Re: More on the dice game...

    On 7/15/15, KFair wrote:
    > I didn't know these games were so expensive on amazon! I
    > scored one at a yard sale for $5. It's a betting game that
    > I want to simplify (totally change) and want some ideas for
    > doing that. There are four mugs. Each mug has five dice. On
    > each die is printed a skull/crossbones, then 2,3,4,5,6. I
    > can have a game set up for four... or open it up to more
    > and give each child one die. Suggestions on tweaking this
    > game? Thanks so much in advance.

    I went to amazon, again and found different sets of dice that
    are similar (Farkel game). Instead of the pirate head, there
    are dice sets for Horse Farkle, Frog Farkle, Moose Farkle,
    Ladybug Farkle... I've got to do some thinking for this dice
    game idea...