Re: Arm issues

    > Oh, no! As if this weren't already a challenging start up for
    > you! If only I lived closer to you, I could come be your right
    > arm (and you my left foot).

    Thanks! What did you do to your left foot?

    > The kids can be helpful with each others needs (shoe tying,
    > etc.) and as someone suggested, your incapacitation will
    > elicit all kinds of help from students and build a sense of
    > community.

    You're the third one to suggest that. I figured the kids could
    help with the shoe tying. As far as buttoning pants, in
    California in my district, we are completely discouraged from
    doing that for kids in K. I didn't do any of that last year,
    instead sending them to the health tech (who has a secretary for
    a witness).

    No, I don't have a para-pro or aide ... what's that???? (Just
    joking, but never had one so I never got used to one.)

    > I'm very sorry this happened to you. Best of luck!
    > BTW, How did it happen, Donna?

    Don't laugh, but I tripped over someone's foot while trying to
    get around them to catch up to my husband in the airport. We
    were picking up family. I broke the arm during the fall, landed
    on my chin, and this past Friday, had laser eye surgery to
    repair two tears in my retina -- also probably caused by the
    fall. And may have to have another set of the same, as I think
    another tear developed. I will know more about that on Thursday.

    I may be off a half day here and there in the first weeks of
    school, running to orthopedics and opthamology. BTW, I do
    recommend laser eye surgery. Piece of cake! Too bad it wasn't
    the kind that would make me lose the glasses!