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Got my new schedule yesterday. My TK/K class has a very chopped up morning, because the PE teacher scheduled for our school can only work in the morning, then go to another site. Also, Library has to be in the a.m. and Resource time. Also, the TKs are pulled out for 30 minutes at someone else' convenient time. This is when I'll have my Ks read. Basically, our daily schedule (lunch at 10:50) is... breakfast, before school recess, P.E., some class time, snack, recess, some class time, lunch, lunch recess, then a very, very long afternoon! Any suggestions as to how I'm going to provide developmentally appropriate activities for my TK AND provide educationally sound CCSS teaching for Ks I'm getting ready for first grade when they will probably be exhausted in the afternoon? I'm a bit frustrated, as you can see.
Flacka Since the class has already had 2 recess times and PE before an early lunch, I would move the "lunch recess" to be an afternoon recess. With breakfast and early lunch, move their snack to the middle of the afternoon, either just before or right after recess.

I always had language arts/reading in the morning and math, science &...See More
Aug 13, 2015

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