Re: Daily schedule

    On 8/23/15, JCM wrote:
    > I struggle with planning a day that is balanced and fun
    > the kids. I would love your feedback about your
    > developmentally appropriate full day schedule. For
    > instance, do your kids come right to morning meeting in
    > the morning or do activities at the table? Any sample
    > schedules would be great!

    In my dgd's K class this fall, she goes and does a table
    activity right away. Then when most of the students get
    there, they meet for morning message together. She started
    them that way from Day one and I see she is experiencing
    that they want to continue the table time first for the
    beginning of the day. I guess it might take some time to
    make the transition of not doing the table activity first.
    I have to admit that the teacher sure lucked out on a good
    group of children. I walk in and they are all working hard
    and it is very peaceful and almost quiet except for the
    teacher talking to a parent or a child. I went in the hall
    with the connecting K classroom and that room sounds like
    sheer chaos!

    I don't know if it was just the luck of the draw of who
    got which students or if it a difference in starting the
    day. I know even the specials teachers have told my dgd's
    teacher what a well behaved class she has. This is the k's
    second year of teaching, but her first with K.

    I taught in a non traditional school so I did not do any
    large group teaching before I retired. The above is just
    observations from my being in the classroom several times a

    I hope you have a great year! This age group is so much