Re: Class size

    On 9/12/15, Michigan Mary wrote:
    > In my school, we now have 26 kindergartners with one k
    > teacher and no aide whatsoever. What are your class
    > sizes and are there any state laws to govern this? With
    > the push for early childhood education / preschool, I
    > like kindergarten is falling through the cracks. How
    > you? Any research out there about this?

    You just described my classroom until this past week, when
    I lost one and went down to 25.

    Unfortunately, the state of California is no help. We can
    have up to 27.

    A very long time ago, before the days of extreme-academia
    hit kindergarten, I taught kinder with 33 in it. However,
    we were only half-day then, we shared a room with another
    teacher who taught the other half-day. If you taught
    morning kindergarten, you gave 100 minutes of time to the
    afternoon teacher; afternoon teacher gave 100 minutes to
    the morning teacher. So we weren't completely "aide-less"
    at that time.