Re: Math standards

    Our state did not adopt common core, but my grandchildren's
    school's math curriculum seemed very similar to what was
    being expected. "They" felt that children did not
    "understand" math and needed to explore numbers in a variety
    of ways. Ok, I get that, but I also think students need to
    learn the basics like memorizing addition and multiplication
    facts as in years past in the early years of school. I liken
    that to how it's ok for children to memorize sight words, but
    they also need to have the phonetic skills down pat. What I
    have found out with my two older grandchildren (one 12 and
    one 8) who have grown up in this system that they really can
    not "think" mathematically. For example, today my grandson
    asked me what age he would be in 5 years. I asked him what it
    would be if he was 8 and he added 5. It took him so long that
    I know he was counting 1,2,3,4,5. His older sister has really
    struggled with math because she was expected to explore math
    without having the basics. Then she gets into decimals and
    fractions and she couldn't even add or subtract whole

    Hey, that stuff can be learned by kindergarten and then they
    can do all that "exploring number" stuff later on. Thank
    goodness their younger sister is naturally mathematically
    inclined and "gets it" and can move forward. I feel for
    those kids who don't know numbers at all at this age. It's
    similar to those kids who don't have a clue what is written
    on the morning message board that they are expected to
    memorize the words, but they don't even know their letters
    and phonetic sounds.

    Why do they feel the need to move forward when the basics
    are not understood and learned?