Re: First grade complaining- World War 3

    I have heard this about which books to read to younger
    children because the older grades' teachers read the same
    book. Oh, the horrors of this!

    I used to teach multi age with 3-4 ages up through K in the
    same multiage classroom. We did the same activities each
    year for Thnaksgiving with the same children involved each
    year. They looked forward to the holiday and the older
    children would be excited about repeating the same
    activities. They never complained about doing the same
    thing each year. Just like my adult children say now
    "remember how every year at Thanksgiving we did _____?"
    Traditions offer security to children. Each passing year
    provides the child with new experience and perspective that
    allows the child to see the activity with "new eyes". A K
    aged child might look at making butter as just that. A
    first grader might look at making butter as more as the
    cultural experience he or she has been learning about in
    the "olden days". My own kids always enjoyed making butter
    at school no matter what age they were at.

    The only activities I remember my own children complaining
    about was 1) having the do the exact same workbook in first
    grade that she completed in K at her previous school and 2)
    worksheets that they felt they already knew but were
    required to do anyway. That is completely different from
    making butter.

    I am with you on this subject and I would just listen
    (surely you are not the only K teacher - why aren't they
    being asked to attend this "meeting of the minds"?) and say
    something like they would tell you to say in therapy that
    honors their feelings but lets you continue to do what you
    want to do anyway. Good luck. Sounds like some insecure