Re: behavior

    I must have bookmarked the kinder board instead of the main board. i
    didn't notice before I posted! My suggestions were what I did when I
    taught 2nd grade. But I did teach kinder! We did most of our whole
    group instruction when the kids were on the carpet. If a child
    behaved like your student I may have moved him so he was sitting
    right at my feet with his back to the other kids and his eyes on me.
    I had colored tape on our carpet and the kids chose a spot somewhere
    on one of the colored lines when it was time for whole group. Rather
    than at my feet I might have him sit on the carpet behind the last
    row of kids. He would be sitting by himself since there wouldn't be
    any kids on either side of him but he would still be with the others
    since they were all in front of him. But again, if he was still too
    close I would have him move back further. He would still be with the
    group but not close enough to bother the others. Yes, I love the
    "but he's fine at home." you might also clue your principal in on
    the parent's attitude and maybe have him/her sit in on a conference
    with her if you think that would help. Sometimes having another
    staff member at a conference can help. Depends on how much help your
    principal is.

    On 2/13/16, Jane wrote:
    > Thanks ladies. He is an average student. I think part of the
    > problem is he is an only child with no boundaries at home. As
    > reported by neighbors, he has gone into a neighboring home and
    > swept everything off the table and mom could not get him out of
    > the house. Mom blames all the behavior problems on me and says
    > he is fine at home. I will try to some of the ideas you
    > suggested.