Re: Possible Move

    From your description, the DC area might be a good choice.
    There are definitely 4 seasons and lots of diversity. When
    friends and family visit, you will never lack for things to do and
    because you are in DC, they will come.

    There are lots of young people in DC, Arlington Va, and even
    Alexandria Va so there are lots of bars, good restaurants, and
    shopping. The "reverse commute" is doable so check out
    Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax county, and even Prince William
    county. Don't let the price of housing freak you out because the
    pay is adjusted for the cost of living so, while it's not great, it's
    doable, especially if you have a roommate for a year or 2.

    I am not sure what the rules are now about reciprocity for your
    license and what tests are required but the VDOE website
    should have that. This is definitely the time to start looking
    because the principals are starting to hire for next year now
    since there are more openings than candidates. Right now there
    are 50 elementary openings posted for my district and that
    number will grow over the next few weeks so it's the right time
    to apply. Good luck!

    On 2/17/16, Beth wrote:
    > Thank you for the information on the D.C. area! I come from
    > area where we have the four seasons, or something similar
    > would like to keep that. I don't want to live in a big city,
    > but am also looking to find someone and start a family so
    > having a fairly good sized city would be great. Also, we don't
    > have much diversity in my home state. So I would like an area
    > that has more diversity simply so that I can become a more
    > rounded individual. I don't have an early childhood
    > but have taught Kindergarten the last three years and would
    > like to stay within the K-2 possibly 3rd grade area. Again,
    > thank you for taking the time to answer me!
    > On 2/16/16, Flacka wrote:
    >> It sounds like you have given this some thought and are
    >> ready to try something new. We just retired and went
    >> through a similar process only we didn't need to worry about
    >> jobs.
    >> If you are open to going anywhere, what part of the country
    >> would you like to call home? Do you want to be within
    >> driving distance of your family or are you OK with flying
    >> home to see them for the holidays? Do you want to be in or
    >> near a city, small town, or "out in the country"? How much
    >> does the climate play into your decision? Do you have
    >> friends or family that you would like to be near?
    >> There are many areas of the country where teaching jobs are
    >> hard to come by and other places where they have a
    >> shortage of teachers. I live near Washington DC and it's an
    >> area that is growing and transient because of the military,
    > so
    >> there are lots of teaching and no- teaching jobs. Most
    >> everyone is from someplace else originally and there are 3
    >> airports. On the other hand, it's expensive to live here and
    >> the traffic is some of the worst in the country. The winters
    >> are milder than the Dakotas and when it snows or is icy,
    >> everything pretty much shuts down (like today).
    >> DC has a mix of public, private, and a lot of charter
    > schools.
    >> They struggle with the issues of a large urban population,
    >> Maryland is a CCSS state and Virginia is not. Virginia is, in
    >> general less expensive to live and where many young people
    >> live. The school divisions (districts) cover the whole county
    >> as there are few cities in Virginia.
    >> Good luck with your decision!
    >> On 2/15/16, Beth wrote:
    >>> Hello All,
    >>> I have lived in the state of South Dakota all my life,
    >>> and when I graduated from college I was hired in my
    >>> hometown. I told myself after three years I would be brave
    >>> and move. However, I am at a crossroads and where to
    >> go. I
    >>> know that my window is closing as far as applying;
    >> however,
    >>> I don't just want to throw applications out like they are
    >>> dandelion seeds. If you are able to share any thoughts or
    >>> suggestions on your states and districts, it would greatly
    >>> be appreciated. Thank you!