Re: Handwriting

    My dgd is in K this year and her teachers have her write
    daily and a lot. I have noticed a big improvement with her
    forming the letters correctly and holding her pencil

    I wish I could say the same about her older siblings who
    attended a school that did not actively work with the
    students in letter formation or correct hand position when
    holding a pencil. Both have horrible handwriting (the third
    grader learned cursive earlier this year and has beautiful
    handwriting - just can't print worth a darn). The 12 year
    old has an awkward hold and her writing is very messy and
    difficult to read. The final letter or number resembles but
    they do not have the correct formation. (like making two
    circles for an 8 or starting from the bottom kinds of
    things). Their teachers in the early grades did not
    reinforce those kinds of things and now we see the results.

    Kindergarten (and earlier when they first start writing in
    preschool) are the ideal times to learn the correct
    formations. It is much easier to learn how to write the
    first time then to try to overcome bad habits later on.

    I do want to say that the third grader lacks sufficient
    hand strength even now to write for long periods of time.
    The school is working with him on hand strenthening
    activities. Writing in shorter periods of time while doing
    homework also helps.

    When I taught the younger grades I always worked one on one
    or in small groups of three in writing. I sat and wrote
    with them and kept an eye to help them make their
    letters/numbers. I served as role model. To me, this is the
    best way to make sure bad habits are not being formed. The
    social aspect of being together with the teacher was a very
    good motivator in learning this.

    On 2/23/16, Cindy G wrote:
    > Hello!
    > Just wondering about handwriting.... How often do your
    > students practice? How important is it that they have
    > correct formation and spacing? We used to do HWT and
    > I loved it. Then we were told to use the instruction
    > provided in Fundations which , while I like that it is
    > integrated into the program, the instruction itself isn't
    > good IMO.