Re: No substitutes will be hired next year

    At the beginning of the year work with your team to develop a plan that
    will help you get through the practical stuff. Pre-divide each class so
    the same children always get sent to the same teacher, call the rest of
    the grade the night before or in the early AM to give them a "heads up"
    that you won't be in, figure out a system for getting extra sheets run off
    so the receiving teacher has enough papers, keep a "traveling tub" with
    the students' emergency cards, extra school supplies or whatever will
    be needed when the students are in another class, figure out how you
    are going to handle specials, lunch and recess with the extra kids, etc.
    Since you already know now that this will be your reality for next year,
    prepare the best you can to make it go smoothly for the teachers and
    the students.