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Hello, I'm a grad student (education), my assignment for this week is to ask a kindergarten teacher question about their retention practices. If you could be please take the time to answers these questions, that would be wonderful. 1. How often have you retained children in kindergarten during your career? 2. Has there been change in their philosophy/practice of retaining children in kindergarten since starting teaching? 3. What criteria do you use in making the decision to retain a child in kindergarten? 4. Who else is involved in the decision making? 5. What is done to ensure that children do not suffer a loss of self-esteem or stigmatization by other children?
DonnaR/CA Before I answer your questions, I should add a caveat: I have only been in my current Kinder assignment for two years. Before that, I was in Music and in 5th grade. However, as a music teacher, I usually knew what was going on in the school when it came to retentions.

> 1. How often have you retained children in kindergarten > during...See More
Apr 10, 2016
Judy2/CA I taught kinder for 6 years in a Title 1 school district. 99.9&37; of our students were ELLs and knew no English when they started school. I probably had 2-3 students who'd been to Head Start but no other preschool for the others. For most it was their first time away from family members. I only retained 2 students during my 6 years because the...See More
Apr 11, 2016

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