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Ok K friends, I need opinions on serious consequences for the 11 kids who behaved so so badly for my substitute yesterday. I get that they are anxious about our 22 days left but their blatant disrespect evidently was off the charts. On the other hand I had 13 kids who were absolute model citizens. All this happened after many stern directives to tow the line. Thoughts?
retired K teacher First thing Monday morning call a class meeting and ask the class what happened on Fri. Have them talk about it and how they felt about what happened. They will have no trouble pointing out who was responsible (as if you didn't already know!) They may even have more to reveal than you or the sub were aware of.

I would ask them what the con...See More
Apr 23, 2016
Carolyn As a retired teacher and sub...I understand your concern. However...with 27 days left and possibly not having a sub again this year. I would give them a lecture. Tell the children who behaved how proud you are of them...give them a treat or extra recess...or whatever would be allowed at your school...and close the door on that day.
Apr 24, 2016

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