Re: Whatever happend to our chaboard??
    retired K teacher

    This has happened to Tnet in general - it used to be so active and
    now it's pretty much dormant. I'm sure it's a combination of
    things - testing, push down curriculum, little freedom in how you
    teach etc. Teachers are becoming robots who collect data. It's
    so sad and even worse that it's happening in kindergarten.

    I'm old school and enjoyed putting my own twist on the
    curriculum but now it's everyone must do the same thing at the
    same time (if you sneeze at 10:03, we must all sneeze at 10:03). I
    had enough of that and retired. At least I don't have to be part of
    the educational abuse any more.

    On 5/20/16, Michelle in MI wrote:
    > Years ago, you used to see 30 or 40 posts daily on this K
    > chatboard. Now you'd be lucky to see ten in a month. I
    > wonder what happened?