Re: Beginning of the year book

    I like Brown Bear,Brown Bear. After a couple of readings the kids
    can "read" it themselves or do choral reading. I have a little book
    that they can color and "read", they love to act out the story with
    cutouts of the animals. It's great if you have a lot of ESL students or
    kids coming without knowing colors.

    For colors I also play "Little Mouse, little mouse" I made house
    shaped cutouts out of different colored paper and a little clipart
    mouse. I set the houses up in a pocket chart and hide the mouse
    behind one of the houses. I choose 1 child to come up and all the
    kids chant "little mouse, little mouse, are you in the (and the chosen
    child finishes with the name of the color and the word house). The
    child removes the chosen house to see if the mouse is behind it.
    This continues until the mouse is found. This is a HUGE favorite and
    they never get tired of it.

    On 6/23/16, Diane wrote:
    > I always like The Kissing Hand or The Invisible String to
    > start the year. Both deal with separation issues in similar
    > ways. My kinders like nothing better than The Day the
    > Crayons Quit when it comes to books about colors. You
    > might also want to look at The Crayon Box that Talked in
    > connection with friendship and inclusion. I also like The
    > Worst Best Friend. Good luck!