Re: Let's get the ball rolling

    On 7/25/16, Flacka wrote:
    > Lets get a discussion going...
    > What new things do you want to try this year?
    > What book/program/idea really changed the way you
    teach (in a
    > good way)?

    I'm hoping to return to the classroom in the fall (I was a
    preschool director at a small private center for 2 years- it
    reminded me of retail sales and management from
    precollege years long ago, ugh. Previously, I taught pre-k
    for 8 years. Despite the number of advertised positions,
    the opportunities seem scarce. I hope to get some advice
    here. I have been following the posts in hopes of new
    ideas, but not too much activity in recent months. So, I
    have turned to Facebook, Pinterest and teacher sites to
    get myself up to speed in the world of early elementary
    education. I hope to teach kindergarten or first grade.