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    Amy K

    Kindergarten in the United States varies from state to state. The area of
    the country where I live (Pennsylvania) most schools have a cut off date
    of September 1st. This means a child must be 5 by September 1st to
    start school. We usually start school around that time, so all of my kids
    are at least 5 years old. Some students are older. Often parents will
    keep students out a year if they have a summer birthday. They do not
    want them to be the youngest, so they choose to wait and have them
    start school when they are six. Not all parents do this, so last year for
    example, I started off the year with 3 six year olds because their parents
    held them out a year and then I had 3 very young 5 year olds that just
    turned 5 during July and August. These kids were an entire year apart.
    Then of course I had the rest of the kids in the middle.

    Kindergarten varies greatly from state to state on set up as well. Many
    schools still have half day kindergarten, where others have full day. I
    teach full day kindergarten. In the state of Pennsylvania, where I teach,
    we do not have class size limits. I am very fortunate to teach in a small
    district and usually only have 15-18 kids. We do not have aides or
    assistant teachers.

    Many public schools are also starting or have preschool. My district for
    example, offers 4 year old preschool. Those kids must be 4 years old by
    September 1st. My district caps the preschool rooms at 20 kids /
    teacher. The preschool classes have full time aides.

    On 8/08/16, ido wrote:
    > Hey
    > I am a kinder garden teacher from Israel
    > I'd like to know about the age difference in usa.
    > Here a 1 aged group for pre school kindergarden would
    > meen: from september to december including, will be 5th
    > birthday and from january to next september 6th birth
    > day.
    > By the way, maximum in class would be 35 kids with 2
    > adults (teacher and a professional helper)
    > Is it the same in the usa?