Re: need to know

    Hi there ido,

    I've just joined this website to connect with teachers around
    the world. I live 45 mins south west of Sydney in Australia.
    This is my 3rd year teaching kindergarten (1st year of proper
    schooling after preschool).

    The age difference can be a whole year or so between students
    here. Some are still 4 turning 5 when they begin school. Others
    turn 6 during their kindergarten year.

    Our school year begins in January and finishes in December, as
    our summer holiday is in December over Christmas.

    The age difference really shows. Those who are younger tend
    to stay at the bottom of the class as they are not
    developmentally ready for school yet. It becomes difficult for
    them and other students see them as 'babies' of the class. I try
    my best to help them in any way possible. Other students need
    some more challenging work of course, because they are ready
    for it.

    At the end of the day they are still all little kids and we make
    learning fun for them and play-based as much as possible.

    I have 21 children. No aide. In Australia we tend to have
    teacher's aides when there is a student in a class with a
    learning disability who needs extra help.

    I hope you and your helper are able to work well together and
    maintain a productive classroom with all those cute kids in the
    same room. Have fun!

    On 8/08/16, ido wrote:
    > Hey
    > I am a kinder garden teacher from Israel
    > I'd like to know about the age difference in usa.
    > Here a 1 aged group for pre school kindergarden would
    > meen: from september to december including, will be 5th
    > birthday and from january to next september 6th birth
    > day.
    > By the way, maximum in class would be 35 kids with 2
    > adults (teacher and a professional helper)
    > Is it the same in the usa?