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Hey I am a kinder garden teacher from Israel

I'd like to know about the age difference in usa.

Here a 1 aged group for pre school kindergarden would meen: from september to december including, will be 5th birthday and from january to next september 6th birth day.

By the way, maximum in class would be 35 kids with 2 adults (teacher and a professional helper)

Is it the same in the usa?
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Amy K Kindergarten in the United States varies from state to state. The area of the country where I live (Pennsylvania) most schools have a cut off date of September 1st. This means a child must be 5 by September 1st to start school. We usually start school around that time, so all of my kids are at least 5 years old. Some students are older. Often paren...See More
Aug 10, 2016
Ellen Hi there ido,

I've just joined this website to connect with teachers around the world. I live 45 mins south west of Sydney in Australia. This is my 3rd year teaching kindergarten (1st year of proper schooling after preschool).

The age difference can be a whole year or so between students here. Some are still 4 turning 5 when they ...See More
Aug 13, 2016

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