Should I worry yet?

    I have a little guy in my classroom who seems to have no
    sense of direction. When doing a Jack Hartmann video that
    was about Up, Down, side-to-side, even after the video had
    been presented several times, he would go Down when Jack
    was doing Up (and pointing up).

    Then there's the written work. I will place a paper on his
    desk in the right direction, he will turn it upside down. I
    am continually coming by his desk and turning his book in
    the correct direction -- it's often upside down. (These are
    picture books.)

    This is the first time I have encountered this type of
    thing in my 3 years of teaching K. Should I refer him to an
    SIT (Student Intervention Team) for possible referral to
    SST (Student Study Team), or wait to see if it works itself