Re: Suggestions/Tips for Fractions

    On 1/30/17, JTeach1 wrote:
    > I am currently completing a student teaching internship in
    > a Kindergarten classroom, and we will be covering fractions
    > in a few weeks. I know that fractions can be a difficult c
    > concept for some students to understand, so I'm seeking s
    > suggestions and strategies/tips that will help me as I p
    > prepare to teach fractions. Our unit will cover the basics
    > including, 1 whole, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. Any suggestions for
    > learning activities that seem to really interest students,
    > while helping them to understand the concept of fractions.
    > Do you focus on learning one specific fraction at a time? W
    > What would be your general plan for teaching the basic f
    > fractions over a two week period? Thanks in advance for any
    > tips or suggestions :)

    In our classroom, we actually had a wooden set of skittles
    (they look like large game pieces) that fit into a tray with
    four circles that the skittles could fit into. One skittle
    would be whole, one would be halves, one thirds and one
    fourths. The children used them as puzzles. The interior of
    each fraction would match - for example the halves would be
    be red, maybe thirds orange and fourths green. They would
    take out the four skittles and mix them up, then try to put
    them back together. I would give them the names of the
    pieces. I think if you saw a picture of them you could come
    up with a home made set that could work - just google
    fraction skittles.

    We also had two sets of five circles that had the fractions
    up to 1/10 where the pieces were made of metal with small
    knobs on each piece. The child had to again figure out how to
    place the pieces together to form a circle. Some children
    would take small slips of paper which would have the fraction
    name "1/2" on each slip and they could place one on each
    piece of the "pie".

    I would also think up some game that the children could move
    about trying to "make fractions" For instance you could call
    out thirds and then the children could find classmates to
    form a "pie made up of thirds". Getting them familiar with
    the terminology is important at this age so the more games
    you can come up with, the better. Music is also another way
    to help them learn anything. Make pictures of a pie and "cut"
    it into three, (and two and four) pieces and make up some
    song to go with each picture. Old macDonald made some pie, ee
    i ee i oh. And then he made the pie in half ee i ee i oh.
    (show the pic of two) With one piece here and one piece there
    here a piece, there a piece, two pieces make a whole, Old
    macDonald made some pie, ee i ee i oh. Sorry about that, I
    just made that up. lol

    Above all, have fun!