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I used to use a phonics song, but can't find it anywhere! It was on YouTube and it was a man singing it, kind of upbeat. Each letter had 2 words to go with it. The song started A a apple, a a ant, B ba ball, b ba bat, C ca, carrot, c can car, D da duck, d da door, etc. I know the lyrics, but want the video to go with it. If anyone knows this song, please tell me how to find the video. My children loved it! Also at certain points during the song it showed the whole alphabet on screen. Each letter lit up as it was said. Different than the regular alphabet song.
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maureen This isn't the one you are talking about because a woman sings this one. It's Discovery Toys alphabet song on you tube. I sang that one with all my students by making a poster with the pictures since they didn't have videos back then. Every one of my students that had Down's syndrome or were walk learned to read from knowing that song. It is addict...See More
Mar 10
DonnaR/CA Another great resource, though not the one requested, might be Jack Hartmann. His website is jackhartmann (dot) com. You can find many of his videos on YouTube. Just do a search on YouTube under Jack Hartmann. My kinders (and firsties, too) *love* Jack's stuff, and they have their favorites! He has each individual letter, some for vowels, some with...See More
Mar 11

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