Re: Need help finding phonics song

    Another great resource, though not the one requested, might be
    Jack Hartmann. His website is jackhartmann (dot) com. You can
    find many of his videos on YouTube. Just do a search on YouTube
    under Jack Hartmann. My kinders (and firsties, too) *love*
    Jack's stuff, and they have their favorites! He has each
    individual letter, some for vowels, some with the entire
    alphabet and their sounds (using short sounds for the vowels),
    sight words/popcorn words/jump-out words, all for language. For
    Math, he has counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, counting
    backwards from 100, counting on (5 more from 20, etc). What I
    really love about Jack's stuff is that you have to get up and
    moving to do most of them properly. I've asked a child to
    "count by 10's for me" and they'll not only start singing
    Jack's song, but doing one of the exercises he has them do
    while they're counting, like arm circles. (Gives me a smile
    every time.)