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So, I'm a new teacher to Kindergarten and I've have been dealing with some students with some serious behavior issues. We recently started school and I've been going over classroom expectations daily & working to establish routines and procedures and modeling. I've established assigned carpet/table seating. However, I have a group of students who just are unsafe in the classroom (all over the place on the carpet, being aggressive/constantly touching other students-which they see as playing, running in the classroom). I'm trying to figure out a strategy b/c I've got phone calls from parents saying their child got hurt in my classroom. I try to be observant as possible but its hard to catch everything. I have to keep this group of students always near & they still need a lot of redirection and reminders about following the rules, which they just struggle with a lot. I've already had to reach out to parents about their child not being safe and the behaviors. Many parents expressed...See More
GArunner Hi! Sounds just like my kindergarten special education classroom (self-contained). I am going to follow this to see other suggestions. Each year I am trying out something different. One year I made a huge gumball machine for one of my bulletin boards. Each time someone did something good (helped a peer, walked if a runner, etc.) they got to put a g...See More
Sep 11, 2017
flacka I feel your pain! One year I had students like that and it was very difficult! The child who couldn't keep his hands to himself was give a big pom pom to hold. I told him it was very special to me and I was trusting him to hold on to it because I didn't want anything to happen to it. If the threw it , it didn't go far and nobody got hurt. It helped...See More
Sep 19, 2017

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