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how many seating arrangements are appropriate for kindergarten?

I try to keep my class in groups no bigger than five. This year I have a group of 4, 4, 4, 5, 5. These groups are color coded: red for low kids, orange for low to medium, green for medium, blue for medium to high, purple for high. Their tables are organized/ color coded this way and their spots on the rug for whole group instruction. So i have one seating chart.

My aid does not like this. So she wants to make a seating chart for sitting on the rug, tables/centers and lunch tables. The reading intervention teachers come in to do Words Their Way and Reading Groups. There's 4 teachers so 4 groups. So that's another seating chart.

So that would be at least 4 seating charts for kindergarteners.

I think thats way too many. Because my aid is stubborn and bossy the only way she responds to me is if I say its research based, proven, or mandated.

Can I get any thoughts or advice on how ma...See More
flacka I don't think the students should be grouped more than absolutely necessary. Having them at a table by ability prevents them from learning by seeing what others are doing and getting to know the students who aren't at their same level. On the rug, I based the seating on behavior and only the years that I needed a seating chart. If they could make g...See More
Sep 19, 2017

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