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So, I'm a new teacher to kindergarten and I'm always looking for ways to make my lessons simple, fun, & effective. We are starting our number sense unit focusing on the numbers 1-5, and looking for some suggestions for something whole group. Also, any suggestions for better helping those students that struggle with writing the numbers.
flacka Are you looking for number writing or number sense ideas?
Oct 9, 2017
JTeach1 I'm looking for ideas for number writing. Many of my students can count & identify numbers or how many are in a set, but struggle with actually writing the numbers.
Oct 13, 2017
flacka We played a game called "roll and record". If you working on the numbers 0-5 the recording sheet is a grid with 6 columns and 5 rows. At the bottom of each column is a number ( 0, 1, 2, etc) and in each square is the number in dotted form if they are at that point or blank if they are ready to write on their own. Give each child a die with the 6 do...See More
Oct 14, 2017
flacka For more numbers (0-10) they played "green beans". I made a table similar to the one described above with more columns and rows to accommodate the target numbers. I spray painted one side of dry lima beans green and gave each student a cup with 10 beans in it. They spilled the beans, counted the # that were green and recorded the number (like above...See More
Oct 14, 2017
men52 If you are looking for correct formation of numbers, just google or make your own simple rhymes in writing numbers. If the child simply struggles with holding the writing utensil and forming numbers, then the problem is more related to fine motor skill development. If that is the issue, then there needs to be more indirect skill development in stre...See More
Oct 15, 2017

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