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My Kindergarten team is doing a small unit on how communities celebrate December holidays for social studies. I'll be focusing mainly on the traditions/customs of the holidays and other winter celebrations. There is so much that can be done for each holiday (ex: Christmas is celebrated so many different ways). I'm trying to narrow things down and figure out short activities for each, and what I should focus on. Any ideas for teaching "how communities celebrate December holidays?"
flacka I would choose 1 activity that represents each celebration that you are learning about. For Hannakah sing Raffi's dreidel song, have them spin the dreidel and get some gelt (candy coins or m&ms), for Christmas read Polar Express or Night Before Christmas and sip cocoa and decorate a pre-baked sugar cookie, etc.
Dec 3, 2017
flacka Another suggestion is to each choose a particular holiday and have a "workshop" day where the classes rotate and see each teacher who teaches about the one holiday and has the activity. We used to do that for Dr. Seuss and other topics - less planning, a nice way to mix it up and keep the kids excited, and it's just plain fun.
Dec 4, 2017
KForLife Ask families within the school community who actually celebrate these holidays to come in and talk to the kids. They will have lots of ideas for how to explore the parts of their celebrations/traditions that appeal t kids!
Mar 28

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