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I am hoping an existing teacher can help me. I run into problems getting teachers to respond to my emails.

For a school assignment, I need to following answered:

Name (Example Ms. Smith):

Grade Level teaching:

Name of School:

a) Are you familiar with this philosophy/theoretical orientation of using Book Talks in your classroom at the beginning of the year? Penny Kittle in her book "Book Talk" suggests that students are more willing to comply at the start of the year than later in the year, in the small window that student's want to impress their new teacher--so seize it" (p. 59) Would you be willing to try this to excite students to read if you are not already? All you have to do is talk about four or five books a day during the first week of school to put a lot of titles out there. This helps struggling/reluctant readers find books.

b) How does your school district support teacher professional development?

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