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I along with my teammates are very frustrated over our counselors lack of involvement with our kids and staff. This is our fourth year and every year it's the same thing. Counselors that only come by when they are radioed for an extreme case of anger/behavior and otherwise are non-existent in the classroom. When you go by their offices, they just seem to be sitting at their computer...never any kids in their office. We have two counselors since we have an enrollment of about 1150 PK- 5. We are an extremely at-risk population and so many of our kids have behavior problems, especially with anger management. We desperately need our counselors to pull small groups, come around and have discussions, but I guess they think making cute bulletin boards is more important.

This year we have two new counselors and had some hope that something might get done. However, neither one have been by any of our rooms in my grade level to introduce themselves. Most of my students...See More
Diana Wow, the situation that you describe is deplorable!

Things at our school are VERY different. The counselor does a 50 minute classroom guidance lesson with each class every other week. She addresses health/safety/emotional issues that can apply to all students. (for example, test anxiety, stranger danger, setting personal goals)

Sh...See More
Nov 8, 2008
Leah Diana, I'm so pleased you responded. Your school counselor sounds great!

TO first poster: It should not be that way. Your team and other teachers need to complain. Your students need an involved school counselor who does classroom guidance, small groups, individual counseling, etc.
Nov 8, 2008

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