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I have been teaching middle school math since 2004. My principal was recently transferred to our local high school and she invited me to go with her. My situation: I will have the same 3 groups of students for 2 classes on a block schedule. A day will be Algebra 1. B day will be remedial math. Its a C graded school with a blue collar demographic and apathy is rampant. Academically, I will be getting the lowest of the low. Level 1's and low level 2's on a 5 level system where a 3 is considered passing. I will have them for 83 minutes each day. This is overkill considering I am probably dealing with limited attention spans. Was thinking of three different 20 minute activities each day followed by a 5 minute break. So 6 different activities over a 2 days period. I need something that can be done quietly without teacher assistance during the first 15 minutes of class so I can do daily remediation with the 4 or 5 students who scored the lowest on a twice weekly assessment. Basically, I need...See More
Hopeful I find that having them for a long block is actually really nice because they can accomplish lots of in class practice during your lesson. Self correcting activities are great (trail run, partner problems where the problems are similar/different/ but get the same answer for checking, puzzles, etc). I also like kagan collaborative learning strategie...See More
Aug 8, 2018
Jose Perhaps Lewis Carroll's words can be helpful if our ultimate goal is optimizing student learning: "My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that." Isn't the fundamental issue about efficiency and effectiveness? Where the rubber meets the road (e.g., a remedial c...See More
Aug 18, 2018

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