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The "Russia and our elections" thing reminds me of Flip Wilson's line, "The devil made me do it!" In this case, the line is "The Russians made us do it!"

When it comes to messing with elections, America is number one by far! If you are into the Russia thing, I have a News Flash! Israel and Saudi Arabia have been into our elections for decades. In fact, IMHO, our Middle East foreign policy is really that of Israel's.

Yet, this is the best description by John Atcheson of why the "Russia screwing with our elections" is irrelevant.


Democrats have been losing for going on four decades now, at every level of government except cities, and you can't pin that on Putin. What you can pin it on is running feckless candidates who mouth progressive and populist positions every two to four years, then govern for the elite and uber-wealthy in between.

Basically, people are fed up with that routine, and they're not buying it any longer. And that's t...See More
Karen C Why do some people keep making excuses for trump's lies and corruption? trump and his campaign conspired with the Russians to subvert the election. That information is coming out now. Crooked donald really is the most corrupt human ever to sit in the oval office. He makes Nixon look like a choirboy.
Nov 9, 2017

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