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...if enrollment for the ACA was higher this year than ever? POTUS would have a Twitter Tantrum if his plan to sabotage it blew up in his face.

T.E.C. - Iowa Maybe not panic, but we should start planning for change. Obamacare is still a failure. It is unsustainable. The graph below shows the projected cost of Obamacare and the estimates are correct. In 2016, the per capita cost for US healthcare was $10,345 - what the graph predicted.

The system is still on course to collapse! The article is tr...See More
Nov 7, 2017
Karen C The ACA is steadily being sabotaged and eroded by the GOP. They want it to fail, so they make sure it fails. The fact that so many people are enrolling shows that they WANT good, reliable healthcare, not that fake crap from republicans who only want the big tax cut from repealing the ACA would give their corporate and billionaire owners.
Nov 9, 2017

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