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I highly doubt it. One thing that does seem clear is that there is no evidence of collusion or obstruction. No indictments of the President. No indictments of anyone on charges of collusion or obstruction.

However, I doubt that even a nearly two year long investigation will be enough for the Democrats. If Mueller does not recommend charging Trump after this much investigating, the Democrats should accept it and move on.

Also, I am still waiting for any legislation from the House on immigration reform, gun control, or election reform. At least, they have followed through on their goals of resisting, and impeaching the m*therf*cker.
Tim Finnegan As president obama said, the 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back. I am curious why the Democrats have not impeached the mf'er yet. The evidence is there, you claim.

I'm waiting for the democrats to investigate what president obama meant when he told the Russians that he would have more flexibility since it was his las...See More
T.E.C. - Iowa Trump is overtly awful, but what else is new! Obama had a classy demeanor, but did awful things - which included war crimes and the worst; he both baled out the banks, and then let them foreclose on thousands of American homes.

So, what is the Trump/Russia thing or the Trump/Impeachment thing all about? Be they Democrat or Republican, this...See More
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